I wish to sit upon a rooftop + watch the day pass me by. To go for a long walk along the streets of Madrid, Spain + marvel at all the architecture. To read a book by the river in the park.
Star Light Star Bright
to travel
I wish to go camping. Really camping. Setting up for week on end out in the forest. Hiking + exploring the beauty surrounding us. By the fire each night, with the starlight. Catching up, games, songs, the adventure awaits.
Star Light Star Bright
to explore
Oh how I wish to write a childrens storybook. To have an illustrator to work with me on creating this. How about a series, or maybe 3 books. I'd love to have these, I have so much to write about. Where to venture with this.
Star Light Star Bright
to write
Awe I wish to become a more experienced musician. I'd love to experience the artistry of being in a band. Where to start. How to commit. Where's the best place for me to learn.
Star Light Star Bright
to create


To set forth on our North Star, the wonder of what we can inspire here on planet Earth. For the dreamers, the creators, for the inspired to inspire into. For the business makers, the child carers, the travellers, the whatever you find yourself doing or caring about, or working towards, or dreaming of. Let us sink deeper into understanding your vision, this vision + the potential.


The value of connection is to witness for yourself + where exactly are your needs with connecting. We all find different relationships to hold different purpose, reason, connection + it's wildly important we value the connection with ourselves. This Guidance Workbook, will honour self connection.


We are all in one capacity or another striving to be our greatest version of our self, our favourite version, our my honest version. We are each moving through different stages of life + hold different alignments with our worth expression. We are all in stages where we are questioning what may be becoming next, what shall I give my time too, where am I most needed during these days. We are needing to honour our worth, grow in our worth, remark who we are in our worth. Be in awe of this life, being human. This Guidance Workbook walks through many phases of worth, our individual worthiness, our community worthiness, our collective worthiness.


In the direction of our desire may we travel strong. Where do we feel is our bliss, the places that do spark fire, the awe that we want to give more and more too. What strives us, grows in us, belongs for us, where oh where shall we desire to go. Big dreams, little dreams, all of the dreams. This Guidance Workbook is to inspire the desire within you, to move with, to continue, to begin.


To be in the face of misery. To be standing in silence. To have no hope in sight. To have everything stiped away from you. To find a new moment in time. To adapt to the change. To be in courage. To feel the motions of where life is leading you. To be in the day to day courage of all that we are exposed to + becoming. This Guidance Workbook will set the challenge to find + be in your courage.


We wander in it all seeking to understand where we are to make sense of our lives + find the bliss that is rightfully ours to live within. The praise piece is a very important knowledge of self + one that is so delicately misunderstood. We need to shine light bright here, as it's vital we understand our self expression + that we move through the layers we've gathered from childhood + beyond. This Guidance Workbook is going to question everything praise. Why we praise, how we praise, the health of praise, the receiving + accepting of praise, + the contributing praise to others. Hold on to your hats with this one, it's sure to spark debate, add to conversation + possibly question thoughts we haven't thought of or spoken of before in navigating this terrain.