One particular client was selling tickets to training events. For each ticket sold we needed to get information on the person who would be using the ticket. We used a custom field called registrant to hold this information. The issue we encountered was that Commerce knew nothing of this field and so would still consider the cart to be valid even if the information wasn’t given. If you’re anywhere in the process of branding or rebranding your company, service, or product, you already need to be thinking several steps ahead about your brand roll-out. If your new brand has a message to communicate, then you need to determine when and how communication of that message starts. Roll-out should be thoughtful, strategic, and in many cases insightful of the motivations and design processes that resulted in your new brand.

It's important that you want your audience to feel comfortable within your brand experience. For instance, if you are targeting senior citizens then 80s neon is likely not the color for you.
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Not to be confused with your inner circle, this team should include company visionaries, heads of all major company divisions, and even a few staff members on the front lines who deal directly with customers. If given the option, more people will want to be part of this team than will bring value to it. So be strategic in selecting the team that will help strengthen the overall launch experience.

Once assembled, convene the team and present them with the new brand and brand launch materials. Discuss implications for implementation of the new or refreshed brand visuals, communications, etc. on individual divisions. Set realistic targets for rollout and widely distribute any new brand guidelines to ensure that the integrity of the new brand is maintained across all touchpoints.

  • Make a splash.
  • Take stock and run interference.
  • Be enthusiastic but be tempered.
  • Tend to and nurture your new brand.